Community Trigger

Youth Violence - Areas of Activity

Since 2013, a number of providers have been commissioned to deliver targeted programmes to support and divert young people.  Examples include:

  • Male and female mentoring
  • Mentoring for Looked After Children
  • Youth workers in accident and emergency departments engaging directly with young victims and their peers
  • Youth service diversionary activity programmes
  • Youth education and training projects
  • Early intervention work (primary schools)

Subject to continued funding the new commissioning round will begin later this year and will seek to build on targeted projects with evidence-based outcomes. 

Opportunities for Community Involvement

Community engagement is central to the Birmingham Youth Violence Strategy.  Community members attend meetings and contribute to the on-going monitoring and development of the work.

We are always seeking to engage the views of people living in Birmingham, if you feel you would like to be involved please contact Sgt. Tom Dobrovic via email or phone 0121 464 6211.

Listening to Young People

Crucial to the work of the Birmingham Youth Violence Group is the input of young people themselves.  Our partners in the Youth Service have worked with groups at centres around the city to explore the themes and understand their views and concerns.

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