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Our Strategic Plan - Birmingham Community Safety - Developing the Partnership - Birmingham Community Safety

Continuous Scoping and Development – Accountable persons: Steve Harris (West Midlands Fire Service) & West Midlands Police Representative (TBC)

BCSP wishes to better develop its governance and link in with other strategic boards to take forward related agendas - particularly Health & Wellbeing, Early Help & Safeguarding and the Adult and Children’s Safeguarding Boards. Additionally, the partnership wants to embed horizon scanning in its processes to adapt to the changing volumes and nature of crime.

Key Outcomes:

  • -  A pro-active Community Safety Partnership that is well placed to respond rapidly, effectively and efficiently to emerging issues and community tensions in collaboration with relevant agencies and partnerships.

  • -  A well-organised Community Safety Partnership that is able to build on previous successes and learn from challenges.

  • -  Three tiers of the Community Safety Partnership working in harmony to provide strategic direction (Birmingham Community Safety, Police & Crime Board - BCSPCB), enact interventions and tactics citywide (Partnership Delivery Group - PDG), and understand and address more localised issues (the four Local Delivery Groups - LDGs).





Developing links with strategic partners and other identified boards.

The BCSP will ensure that it:
- Knows who its strategic partners are and what they do. The partnership believes its aims are

particularly well aligned to the Health & Wellbeing, Early Help & Safeguarding, and the Adult and Children’s Safeguarding Boards. Other key partners and areas of work to consider are listed below:

o Senior Leaders Forum
o Birmingham Voluntary Sector Council
o Third Sector Assembly
o Economy Directorate
o Birmingham Youth Promise Steering Group
o Youth Partnership
o Employment & Skills Board
o Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP)
o Birmingham Road Safety Partnership (BRSP)
o Application of the Care Act
o Universal Credit
o Private Rented Sector
o Hostels
o Combined Authorities work and information sharing around Troubled Individuals

  • -  Knows what their strategic and statutory partners’ priorities are, and what areas of congruence and co-terminosity are shared with the CSP.

  • -  Is represented, where relevant, at strategic partner meetings.

  • -  Extends invitations for strategic partners to attend BCSP meetings.

  • -  Works towards agreeing collective contributions of each agency to achieving the outcomes for

    the city.

Key Outputs

Joint working on cross-cutting priorities with other statutory partnerships (particularly relevant partnerships in brackets):

Domestic Violence (all partnerships)
Mental Health (all partnerships)
Vulnerable victims (children and young people)
Child Sexual Exploitation (Senior Leaders Forum - SLF, Early Help & Safeguarding - EHS)

Youth Offending (SLF, EHS)
Wellbeing and safety of vulnerable children (Health & Wellbeing - HW, SLF, EHS, Safeguarding Children Board – SCB)
Vulnerable Victims – Adults (all partnerships)
Hate Crime (Safeguarding Adults Board – SAB)
Independence of vulnerable and older adults (HWB, SAB)

Review findings from BCC’s Outward Looking Partnerships work to identify which council areas are working to address CSP priorities.

Collate the official priorities from the boards listed and identify areas of congruence and co-terminosity.

Mutual representation at each board meeting.


  • -  Completion of output CSD1(a-d)

  • -  Increased confidence within PDG/Board that the CSP is aware of strategic partners

    and their priorities (simple internal confidence score out of 10)


Horizon Scanning and community tension monitoring

The BCSP will develop processes to ensure that emerging issues and community tensions within the city are identified, assessed and presented in a manner that will allow for swift action. Responses will mitigate risks in the immediate term, identify why the problem has developed and how the CSP can assist in solving the root problem.

Horizon scanning will also include awareness around partnership governance developments (the creation of the West Midlands Combined Authority, for example).

Key Outputs

  1. a)  Emerging Trends to be added as a permanent agenda item at PDG.

  2. b)  Examine options for Board/PDG to receive a regular Community Tension report.

  3. c)  Clarify format and source of horizon scanning referrals to analyst and method of

    assessment to present uniform summaries to PDG in a manner that will allow swift

    decision making.

  4. d)  Members to make PDG aware of changes in governance of partnership organisations.


- Completion of output CSD2(a-d)


Consolidation of effective Community Safety Partnership governance structures and strategic processes.

To better audit decision making processes and enable the public and relevant authorities to hold the CSP to account, the BCSP will ensure that its internal governance structures and strategic processes are clarified within the organisation to the extent that they are able to be easily explained externally.

This will also aid in planning commissioning in an effective and timely manner, creating an environment that is fair to the business planning of third sector partners.

Key Outputs

a) A document, suitable for public release, detailing structures, timelines, roles and responsibilities of the three tiers of the CSP.


- Completion of output CSD3(a)


Development of a corporate memory around priorities and interventions.

The BCSP will develop a system that enables the organisation to record what its priorities are/were and why, and what interventions have been implemented and how successful they were.

This will include a review of which third sector providers have been used.
This system will guard against valuable learning gained each year from being lost.

Key Outputs

  1. a)  Develop simple database to store priorities, interventions, and successes.

  2. b)  Embed process to ensure new applications (including reasons for their acceptance or

    rejection) are added to the database as a matter of course.


- Completion of output CSD4(a-b)


Development of the PDG/LDG relationship.

The BCSP will ensure that the four LDGs understand and are supported in delivering against the central BCSP priorities. The BCSP will also encourage sufficient autonomy of the LDGs to be agile in dealing with more localised issues.

Key Outputs

a) Produce/identify template to be used to monitor LDG involvement in project areas and local progress.


- Completion of output CSD5(a)


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