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Mobilising Communities - Mobilising Communities

Through the community consultation undertaken to establish community priorities, a number of issues were repeatedly highlighted. In addition to agencies working together to address them, there will be a strong emphasis on encouraging and supporting and mobilising communities to tackle them too. This will include supporting and encouraging Neighbourhood Tasking Groups, faith organisations, schools, tenants & residents associations, special interest groups and local businesses etc. to take local action on the following with practical examples of activities they can run themselves and small scale funding to draw on to assist them if required.

1. Litter and Environmental ASB

This is the principle and overarching community priority and it would be supported by improved inter-agency working including:

  • Refocus ASB Steering Group with emphasis on environmental problems
  • Greater community ownership
  • Clearer standards of acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour
  • Support unified street scene programmes to join up cleansing, maintenance and enforcement interventions
  • Wider use of existing enforcement powers
  • A comprehensive plan for the introduction of new legislative powers
  • Renewed focus on noise problems
  • Develop a Litter Charter
  • Create high level ownership and promote ‘Standing Up For …’ campaigns
  • Reintroduce ‘United Streets of Birmingham’ campaigns
  • Increased and targeted use of Community Payback
  • Development of Restorative Justice models
  • Involvement of public transport providers

2. Drugs and Alcohol Misuse

Shaped by the Substance Misuse Strategy which will cover community based issues, referral pathways and access to services, and complement the Adult Substance Misuse Treatment and Recovery Services that are being recommissioned and the Young People’s Substance Misuse Services.

3. Burglary

Via locally driven awareness campaigns and more communication about the success of targeted offender management interventions.

4. Road Safety

Via Birmingham Road Safety Partnership: including tackling speeding in residential neighbourhoods, dangerous and inconsiderate parking, street racing and promoting cycling safety and security.

5. Small Grants Fund

The Small Grants Fund is now being managed locally by the Safer Neighbourhood Partnership Managers. For further information please contact one of the following:-

North (Erdington & Sutton Coldfield Districts)              Pam Powis                 0121 464 2220

South (Edgbaston, Selly Oak  & Northfield Districts)   Austin Rodriquez        07557 287605

West & Central (Perry Barr, Ladywood Districts)         Nicci Collins                0121 675 1310/07500 125420

East (Hall Green, Hodge Hill & Yardley Districts)         Amelia Murray            0121 303 6604

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