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Violence Against Women & Children - Birmingham Community Safety - Areas of Activity - Birmingham Community Safety

The Partnership supports the delivery of a range of work aimed at preventing and raising awareness of domestic violence and abuse. This work is delivered through the Violence Against Women and Children Steering Group who coordinate, develop and support projects across the city. The work of this group includes:

  1. Development of the interventions and service improvements in response to the key issues identified in the Domestic Violence Needs Assessment.
  2. Strengthening of the referral pathways through health related services.
  3. Increased awareness raising of domestic violence/abuse and the support available to victims.
  4. Encouragement to report domestic violence.
  5. Development of a comprehensive range of interventions including support for low risk victims.
  6. Development and promotion of early prevention work in schools/youth programmes based on positive relationships.
  7. Development and appropriate targeting of offender management programmes.
  8. Implementation and monitoring of Domestic Homicide Review recommendations.
  9. Implementation of a young adult/student awareness raising campaign. 

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