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CCTV - CCTV in the City

Since local authorities came under severe financial pressure, the sheer expense of operating CCTV has been an area under scrutiny to achieve savings. The overriding aim is to identify the best position from which to maintain a meaningful, but also sustainable, programme of public space CCTV.


RCCTV is another area where development work is progressing to achieve a sustainable programme within the boundaries of available resources.


Despite these pressures Birmingham has not stood still. Following the award from the Police & Crime Commissioner Innovation Fund in 2013, a trial involving two 4G RCCTV was held and tested across the city during 2014. The findings with this new technology were so successful that in February 2015 the Birmingham Community Safety, Police and Crime Board purchased one High Definition 4G re-deployable camera for each of the ten districts in the city. These represent a considerable enhancement to existing surveillance capacity in terms of their day-to-day use by the police in responding to community concerns, and in the much enhanced quality of image and facility to download footage.

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