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In Birmingham there are 27 public space, fixed CCTV cameras systems consisting of 380 different cameras. (This does not include cameras mounted on buildings for perimeter protection). Most of these cameras are formally owned by Birmingham City Council but some are owned by partners such as the police and the private sector.


Most CCTV systems were started through local initiatives, from as early as the 1990s up to as recently as 2011. Where a need for a camera system was identified, local partners secured funding for the installation and running costs. In 2008 Birmingham City Council took over meeting the running costs for all but a few of the cameras.


Alongside fixed CCTV there has also been the purchase, again largely through partnership arrangements, of circa 140 re-deployable CCTV cameras (RCCTV). There are various makes of RCCTV in use and, while they offer the flexibility to be installed wherever there is street lighting. Experience has shown that they have been well received by the communities where deployed, however, the limitations of the technology combined with system complexity have presented some operational difficulties.

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