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If neighbours are not getting along together or a tenant is experiencing any kind of harassment, we always try to help resolve disputes in a friendly and calm way in the first instance. In order to do this Birmingham City Council has a Mediation Service. We work with neighbours to help them come to a solution that they are happy with and which meets their needs.
The are many benefits to the mediation process:

  • - it can be effective at first stage
  • - it can prevent escalation or recurrence
  • - it seeks to find a win / win solution
  • - it helps to establish a common ground
  • - it helps people to jointly make realistic, workable agreements
  • - it is relatively quick and has a high success rate.

Often mediation is all that is needed for neighbour disputes to be resolved satisfactorily.
Mediation is a voluntary service which is now available for residents throughout Birmingham regardless of whether or not you are a council tenant, a home owner, a Housing Association tenant, or a tenant of a Registered Social Landlord or private landlord.
If you are experiencing problems with your neighbours that you feel could be resolved by mediation you should contact the following departments for further advice:

Council tenants [whether you or the other party is a tenant] – Contact Birmingham Housing Team here.

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