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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Birmingham partners unite to keep crime down

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This week is the city’s United Streets of Birmingham All Out Week where partner agencies are working alongside residents to take part in community safety activities including environmental clean-ups and police-led operations. The week provides a focus for all community safety activity across the city with events taking place in most districts.

United Streets of Birmingham is organised by Birmingham Community Safety Partnership which includes West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Fire Service, Primary Care Trusts, Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation Trust and the Third Sector Assembly who all work together to ensure a high-visibility presence across the city.

There was a city centre event yesterday (Tuesday 30th October) at Edgbaston Street where partner agencies including the city council’s Trading Standards and Victim Support were providing free crime prevention advice and community safety material to members of the public. The reception received from passers-by and visitors to the market was overwhelmingly positive with lots of people taking part in the mini safety surveys that were being conducted on the day.

Also, in the city this week, West Midlands Police will be joining forces with the Fire Service to promote road safety. During a number of community and enforcement speeding operations across the city drivers will be warned about the dangers of speeding to themselves and other road users.

The Safer Travel Police Team have also been conducting patrols and engaging with public transport users on services across the city targeting routes that are known to suffer form anti-social behaviour.

This is just an example of the vast range of activity that has been and will be taking place across the city.

Jan Kimber, Head of Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, said:

“I welcome the United Streets of Birmingham Week as it provides an excellent opportunity for the City Council and its partner agencies to work together to continue the good work already taking place in the city.

“Crime statistics for the city show great progress in a number of areas – there were 9,884 fewer victims of crime based on figures from April – Sept 2012 compared to the same period last year. Although crime has fallen, we recognise the importance of reducing fear of crime, of public reassurance and of public confidence in all local agencies.

“We all want to work together to make sure that Birmingham remains one of the safest places in the country to live. The all out day and campaign are about the community working with partners and each other to ensure that we can continue to be proud of where we live and our track record in terms of crime.“

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