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Friday 26 October 2012

Birmingham Violence Against Women Strategy 2012-14

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Violence against women is one of the major crime and disorder challenges that Birmingham faces. But it is much more than a crime, causing incalculable damage to the people, economy and social fabric of our city.

Local agencies are committed to a vision of Birmingham where women and children are safe and confident in their homes and communities, live freely and prosper in their daily lives. Birmingham Violence Against Women Board is harnessing this commitment within the first Violence Against Women Strategy for Birmingham. In this strategy we have sought to bring together many of the different strands of violence against women including domestic violence, sexual violence, forced marriage, violence in young people’s relationships, female genital mutilation and sexual exploitation. We seek to demonstrate the commonalities of gendered violence, agree principles governing our efforts to combat it and agree actions to prevent it and respond to the harm it causes.

Birmingham Violence Against Women Board seeks views from key partners and those with a direct interest in ending violence against women. We also invite comments from members of the public, particularly on the following areas:

(a) Have we placed violence against women in the right context? Is there are any other evidence that should be included?
(b) Do you agree with our reasoning about addressing violence against women within an integrated strategy. Are there any other reasons that should be included?
(c) Do you agree with the nature of our principles and commitments?
(d) Have we got the focus right in terms of our priorities and actions? How can you or your organisation contribute to ending violence against women in Birmingham?
(e) Do you have any suggestions for how we may monitor success further?

The draft strategy and action plan, together with details of how to respond are attached and we look forward to hearing from you.

VAW Strategy 2012-14
Consultation Information
VAW Strategy 2012-14 – Action Plan
Please direct any enquiries about this consultation to by the 11th November 2012.

Maureen Connolly
Chair of Birmingham Violence Against Women Board

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